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One and only thing which is constant online is change. Anyone under the age of 25 knows this. Elderly people, however, can remember the days when there was no internet. As a way to talk to someone conversely from the planet you can had to create a (VERY) expensive mobile call or send directions which could take a few days to reach.

Nowhere is the proof change more obvious than in the world of SEO. The fact that was absolutely correct to acquire to first page of Google three years ago will today get your website pushed down away from sight. Riding for the coat tails of Google’s frequent updates – Panda, Penguin, now Hummingbird – the volume of companies offering Calgary Search engine optimization has doubled in the short time.
Before Panda the way to get your internet site indexed ended up being virtually spam your keywords. If it turned out “tennis shoesIn . you would have this plastered in your site in bold, underlined, capitalized, italicized, double sized font and anything else you may realise of. Google absolutely loved you correctly, but as reading material it looked ridiculous.
Make it happen today and your website will be destroyed. Google has witnessed the mistake of the company’s ways now wants to see a thing that is readable and makes sense to people. Yes, your keywords still need be in there, but also in the correct places rather than repeated way too many times.
This is how an seo expert wales is available in. It’s his job to keep pace with Google’s changes and optimize your internet site in order that it ranks on first page of Google which is only placed you want it to be. One of several top companies in Calgary is Emethod ( You’ll be able to judge Calgary Search engine optimization by how well they themselves rank on the internet – all things considered, if they can’t obtain web page on first page………!!
Emethod, although only a small company, consistently ranks on first page for many search phrases including the words “Calgary”, “SEO”, “optimization”, “marketing” and so on. If they’d like to keep themselves available online for, you can rely they can carry out the same for the business.

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Anyone who has ever tried hiring a Calgary SEO company knows how painful it can be!  Just a few months ago a company contacted us and wanted SEO services done.  We helped him understand everything he needed to know and he still ended up choosing a different company because they were cheaper.

Well, guess what happened?

His website got penalized!  I feel sorry for them but they wouldn’t listen when I told them that you can NOT use cheap SEO services anymore.  It will end up costing you a LOT more money in the long run.

That is why a company like EMethod is doing so well… we only do quality work and we take extreme care to make sure our clients sites are well protected.

Don’t Believe Matt Cutts…

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Matt Cutts pretends he has your best interest at heart.  He looks a friendly and cozy, like a little ol’ teddy bear.  But don’t be deceived.  He doesn’t really care about your biz… he’s hired by Google and that is who he answers to.

When it comes to SEO you should pretty much ignore what he says.  Such things like “Just create really good content” will never get you to the top of Google.  If you listen to him you will never enjoy top rankings.  The only people who get to the top of Google are people who take risks, experiment, think outside the box and are NOT afraid of Google.

Just look at this video:


“Just focus on really good content and we will do our best to present that”… ha!  That is a joke.

Penguin is all about targeting small biz owners who have used SEO to gain rankings in search results.  Google knows this is the PERFECT target audience for buying ads.  So what better way then to tank millions of them around the world?

Seriously, I just laugh when people can’t see through it.

If you want a good company that can help you build a nice website (to Make Matt happy) but also know how to get high on Google then click here.


How To Get To The Top Of Google (Recover) After Being Hit By Penguin 2.1

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Penguin 2.1 came and destroyed thousands of business owners websites.  Seems like Google really doesn’t care the carnage it leaves behind as it continues to update their “spam” algorithm.


Of course, most people who are in the know realize that Google is not really after spam.  They are going after small to medium business owners who have hired SEO companies to get them to the top of Google.  Google needs to increase their revenue and what better way then to penalize tens of thousands of innocent business owner’s sites so that they have to buy ads.


Google acts like they are just doing all this to make the search results more relevant and free from spam.  But that is NOT entirely true.  The real truth is that anyone who pays for an SEO company to get them to the top of Google is EXACTLY who Google wants to buy ads.  So Google purposely went after them.  And it is sad to see what has happened.


Are you effected by the nasty Google Penguin?


There’s all kinds of people who talk about how you can recover.  But what if you can’t recover?  Why not have a strategy where you are getting back your ranking while trying to recover your old ranking?


What I mean is that you can set up an “inner page” on your website that targets your keywords you are trying to rank for and start optimizing that page.  It is a fresh page and will take some time but at least you will eventually get back to where you need to be.   Just make sure you don’t outsource your SEO to a company who penalizes you again!


So what do you do to get to the top of Google nowadays?


- Good, quality links.  It is NOT about volume but quality.

- Don’t overdo your link building.  Google flags websites that have a sudden influx of links.
- Don’t use the same anchor text.  Rotate it and NEVER do the same.
- Get variety of links.  Relevant web directories work well now.
- Make sure you links are contextual… meaning they are on a page that has relevant content to what you are trying to rank for.
Hope that helps!
Oh and if you are looking for any web design or SEO work done then give a try.

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